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1000 Royal Flush Poker Chips Clay Vegas Chip Set 11.5
This is the real deal. This are the new Real Casino replica chips. They are heavy, They feel and weigh real. Don't hesitate. We have only very limited supply of these, and we are not sure that we will be able to get them again. All Items are in stock and ready to ship. Be the first to have these beauties. You will never need to buy chips again. GOOD SET FOR HOSTING LARGE TOURNEMENTS. FITS UP TO 24 PLAYERS !!! Total value of the chips is 300x1 + 300x5 + 200x25 + 100x50 + 100x100 ==== TOTAL OF $21,800. Thats a lot of money on the table. Even if you play them for cents - you have $150 on the table. This set will be enough for at least 20 people !!! Please take a close look at the pictures. See the details and the perfection. These chips are the best you can get. Special chips - Each side of the chip is with different design as shown in picture. Please note that the cases do not come with locks.
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