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Amazing Poker Wizard Card Cover Guard Executive Gift
The Poker Wizard can be used as a Poker Guard or as a desk accessory while you play poker online. The Poker Wizard has eight different answers. Give him a twirl and see what the Poker Wizard recommends. His eight answers are call, check, all in, check-raise, fold, raise, bluff, re-raise. The top spins and the ball bearings in the middle spin in the same direction, but at a much slower rate. The best way to spin it is to have a thumb and a finger on opposites sides of the top and flick it in one direction. The answer that matches up with the red ball bearing is the correct one... so says the Poker Wizard! Truly a unique product not like anything else on the market! Makes a great gift for the poker enthusiast. Think Magic 8 ball, but with a poker twist and much higher quality! This item weighs over 200 grams! (that's a lot of 11.5 gram poker chips) It also has a diameter of about 2 3/4 inches! (a little wider than the standard poker playing card)
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