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Traces the events of the 2001 Bellagio Hotel and Casino poker game in an account that describes the strategies employed by game newcomer Andy Beal and his challenge to some of the world s top players....
   Expert tips and simplified strategies for every game found in casinos today make this encyclopedic guide a must-have for gamblers. Thi...
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The New Player's Guide to Winning Poker's Biggest Game
From The Publisher:You've seen them push mountains of chips in televised tournaments into the middle of the table. You've gasped in awe when they raked in huge pots on gutsy bluffs or stacked off against each other in heads-up action with the championship and millions of dollars on the line. This is the playground of the world's most famous poker players, the world of no-limit Texas hold'em, poker's biggest and most exciting game.Brad Daugherty and Tom McEvoy, World Champions of Poker, show you how to join the elite ranks of million-dollar, no-limit hold'em tournament winners and cash game players. They begin by outlining the winning principles of no-limit Texas hold'em and then fill in the blanks by teaching you the four major skills you must master to win at no-limit hold'em: How to Evaluate the Strength of Your Hand, How to Determine How Much to Bet, How to Understand How Your Opponents Play, How to Bluff and When to Do It.The authors, who have won millions of dollars at no-limit hold'em, back up their experience-based, practical how-to advice with a wealth of powerful and practical advice including: Crash Course in No-Limit Hold'em for Total Beginners, Practice Hands for Bluffing, Two Unique Tournament Betting Charts, 74 Tournament Practice Scenarios, Strategies for Online No-Limit Hold'em Cash GamesWhether you are an experienced limit poker player who wants to learn how to play no-limit hold'em--or you're a rookie who has never played a single hand--No-Limit Texas Hold'em will guide you to the winners' circle far faster than you ever imagined. Brad and Tom are looking forward to shaking your hand at the championship table one day very soon!
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