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Haven't you always wanted to understand what the 'nitwits' at your table are thinking to make them play the way they do? This book gives you the tools that experts employ to 'profile' poker opponents,...
ISBN Author Warren, Ken Publisher Simon & Schuster Nr of Pages 336 Cover Paperback
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Poker Farce and Poker Truth
    Serious poker players are often asked, What's it really like...the world of poker? The answer is not easy because poker is an amazingly complex game, as complex as life itself. This book will attempt to answer that question. You will be taken to a serious game and be sitting besides the author. You will be a spectator to the unfolding drama of poker. You will get to meet the players up close and personal, witness their strong and weak points, and watch their varied reactions in victory and defeat. Not only will you play, but you will have to address the problems that all poker players face. They include bankroll management, developing self control, and understanding what makes a poker player truly great. Your opponents will range from some of the best players in Las Vegas to a brilliant Japanese Admiral as he planned his attack on Pearl Harbor.
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