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OPIBot+ Non-SitOut/Exit  got its name for using the 3rd Party Brain Online Hold'em Inspector.

You must own a copy of Online Hold'em Inspector and be licensed for OPIBot+ in order for this PokerBot+ Product to work.

OPIBot+ will play a single table only, unlike its MultiBot version.  However, you will be able to play all types of limits, from Fixed Limit, No Limit, or Pot Limit.

All Supported Sites:

Party Poker
- PokerStars
- Empire Poker
- EuroBet
- UltimateBet
- The Gamming Club
- Royal Vegas
- 7Sultans
- Ladbroke
- Paradise Poker
- PokerRoom  New (Beta)
- HollyWood Poker  New (Beta)
- Full Tilt Poker  New (Beta)
- Absolute Poker  New (Beta)

With the Full Version of Online Hold'em Inspector (Sold Separately), enjoy Playing "Real Money", "Sit-n-Go's", and "Tournaments".

Enjoy the ability to custom fit a profile to suit your specific need of play for whatever task you've chosen to play.

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