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OPIBot+ Non-SitOut/Exit  got its name for using the 3rd Party Brain Online Hold'em Inspector.

You must own a copy of Online Hold'em Inspector and be licensed for OPIBot+ in order fo...

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Poker Pro 2007

The World's Smartest Online Poker Calculator

Poker Pro 2007 is the industry's most advanced online poker tool incorporating an online poker calculator, opponent tracking and poker strategy. Poker Pro 2007 works with your favorite online poker sites and gives you the powerful tools you need to win. Whether you want to learn poker, know your odds of hitting a particular hand or to keep track of your opponents, Poker Pro 2007 will have a game plan for every hand!

  • Auto reads all cards from poker table in real-time
  • Overlays information right on the poker table and next to each player
  • Automatically rates players at your table
  • Real-time play recommendations whether to raise, fold and even bluff
  • Calculates outs, pot odds, chance of winning and much more all in real-time
  • Works with top online poker sites  List of supported Poker Sites
  • Works on multiple sites and table at the same time
  • Auto attaches to your poker table when you start playing
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