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The perfect all-in-one poker chip set for up to 8 players. The set contains the following items:500 pc "Twist" design poker chips. The chips are casino sized (39 mm diameter), weighs 11,5 gram each an...
This is a complete set containing both chips and a table top.For more information regarding each product in this set, please press on the links below:300pc 11.5 gram "suited" poker chip set with alumi...
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300Pc 11.5 gram poker chip set
A nice poker set perfectly suited for 4-5 players. Included in this package is: 300 pcs. 11.5 grams poker chips "Dice" 2 deck of cards5 dice 1 dealer button All this in a high quality leather case. The case has 6 compartments with room for 50 chips each for a total of 300 chips. There is also room for 2 deck of cards and 5 dice. The case is of the latest model and offers you the possibility to remove the chips holder separately. Poker chips facts: These poker chips are made of high quality composite resin material with metal inlays for extra weight. The chips are decorated with 6 stripes, dice eyes in color and a core inlay. These poker chips have a great feel that makes them among the most popular poker chips for home use. One advantage of using chips without engraved values is that you decide for yourself what values the different colors should represent. 100 white chips (most commonly used as 1$) 50 red chips (most commonly used as 5$) 50 blue chips (most commonly used as 10$) 50 green chips (most commonly used as 50$) 50 black chips (most commonly used as 100$)
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