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A nice poker set perfectly suited for 4-5 players. Included in this package is: 300 pcs. 11.5 grams poker chips "Dice" 2 deck of cards5 dice 1 dealer button All this in a high quality leather case. Th...
An ideal all-in-one Poker Chip Set for 5-6 players fully equipped with the following high quality items:400 pc "Super Diamond" design poker chips. These highly resilient poker chips weigh 11.5 gram an...
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500pc 11,5 Gram
The perfect all-in-one poker chip set for up to 8 players. The set contains the following items:500 pc "Twist" design poker chips. The chips are casino sized (39 mm diameter), weighs 11,5 gram each and have a twisted line running through the middle of the chip. The chips have a truly nice touch and feel and are ideal for your Poker and Blackjack games. These chips are made of quality composite material featured in color "Twist" design. decks of brand new high quality washable plastic playing cards.5 brand new dice. 1 dealer button.2 deck of cards Aluminium poker chip case sleekly designed with rounded edges and lined with plush foam for maximum protection.
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As the demand for poker supplies is increasing all over the world as the game of poker is receiving plenty of media coverage and attracting more and more players.

Pokershopping is the world’s leading supplier of poker supplies and we are working hard to keep up with this demand for product. We have operations in eight countries and warehouses in both Europe and the U.S.

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